2FA Twitter + Auth Token + Email // Avatar + Name

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2FA Twitter + Auth Token + Email // Avatar + Name
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Информация о товаре
☑️ Confirmed by Firstmail
☑️ Gender - female.
☑️ Auth_token 100% login to the account.
☑️ 2fa 100% login to the account. https://2fa.fb.rip/
☑️ Twitter accounts are registered automatically.
☑️ Registered with MIX IPs.

Recommendations for working with Twitter accounts:

Checking for VALID:
After purchasing a product, you need to check it in the browser (or with a checker) through a login, for example https://twitter.com/sashagrey, if you see the account, then it is valid - you can proceed with authorization.
If you see the words “Account suspended” or “Caution: This account is temporarily restricted”, then this means that the account is blocked and must be replaced!

Authorization recommendations:
- It is recommended to log in using the TOKEN included in the package. Use pure residential or Mobile proxies - (Ukraine, Poland, etc. will do! Russia will not work!)
- PRIVATE proxy, VPN, shared proxy, DataCenter proxy, ALL Russian IP will NOT be suitable. In these cases, you risk getting 90% blocked at the entrance, for example - password reset, SMS verification or code request from email.
- Each account must have a personal Device (UserAgent) and proxy!

☑️ Format;login;password;email;password;auth_token;2fa